Winners of Annual Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Announced

2021 Winners of Annual Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Announced

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Three Delaware high school seniors recognized for their accomplishments will share $30,000 in scholarships funded by Delaware-based philanthropy, I Could Do Great Things Foundation

The I Could Do Great Things Foundationfounded in 2009 by Stuart M. Grant and Suzanne B. Grant is pleased to announce the 2021 winners of the annual Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship. The 2021 Scholarship recipients are an impressive trio of Delaware high school seniors – Jahmere Hargraves of Wilmington, Madison Bauerle of Middletown, and Archmere Academy senior Margaret Atkins of Swarthmore.

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Jahmere Hargraves
Mt. Pleasant High School

Jahmere Hargraves, Wilmington, is a 2021 graduate of Mount Pleasant High School. Despite personal adversities, Jahmere has excelled in academics, maintaining his 4.22 cumulative GPA, with one teacher remarking that “life has not always been easy, and there are many times [Jahmere] could have become another statistic in our community where too many black young men are involved in violence. But through his strength of character, ethics, and integrity, Jahmere has charted a different course for his life.” Jahmere’s myriad of community service and advocacy for underserved youth in his community is testament to his mission of “[becoming] a better version of the people around me . . . to break stereotypical and economic barriers so I am the blueprint for the next generations.” Through The Warehouse—the Wilmington-based Teen Center, which Jahmere helped to found, he hopes to “provide our city’s youth with the tools and opportunities they need to become confident and contributing young adults, who will make a positive change in the world.”

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Madison Bauerle
Appoquinimink High School

Madison Bauerle, Middletown, is a 2021 graduate of Appoquinimink High School. Madison, an accomplished athlete and scholar has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and civility from her esteemed selection to represent female athletes from the Appoquinimink school district to the mentorship of young girls in softball. A champion for inclusivity in sports and academics, Madison identifies her most “rewarding athletic experience” to be the opportunity to participate as a partner in the Special Olympics Unified Sports to promote social inclusion in sports. As an Engineering Ambassador, Madison advocated for the importance of female participation in the fields of STEM. Madison’s teacher thoughtfully identified her as “one of the most passionate leaders for change in our high school community” and the I Could Do Great Things Foundation is elated to be a part of her ascension to further greatness.

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Margaret Atkins
Archmere Academy

Margaret Atkins, Swarthmore, is a 2021 graduate of Archmere Academy. Margaret’s innate ingenuity, compassion, and leadership fueled her desire to help those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak through skills she obtained in her Digital Design class at Archmere. Margaret’s efforts led to the founding of a network of local 3D printers to provide over 600 PPEs to health care facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida, at a time when there was an extreme shortage of protective equipment. As a National Honor Society Officer, representative at the National Student Council Leadership Conference, and TEAMS Engineering Club member, Margaret has always been dedicated to academic success. One of her teachers remembers Margaret as a “high achiever” who applied her “logical and analytical approach” to all challenges, a method that undoubtedly will lead Margaret to more great things in her future at Dartmouth.

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