Great Things come in all sorts of sizes and variations.

a hand giving a heart to another hand

We believe that there are lots of people who could do Great Things for their communities and help solve important problems.

a hand giving a heart to another hand

We are here to provide support and encourage people to turn their ideas into reality.

Stuart Grant and Suzanne Grant founded the I Could Do Great Things foundation in 2009. Based in Delaware, the foundation supports a wide range of philanthropic endeavors.

Our Giving

The Beau Biden Scholarship

The scholarship honors college-bound high school seniors from Delaware “who embody the virtues of late Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who exhibit qualities of leadership, community, civility, respect, and a strong moral compass.”

Recent News

Beau Biden Scholarship winners named – seniors get financial awards for college

Tulane receives transformational gift for Jewish Studies

Michael Cohen has been named the Stuart and Suzanne Grant Chair in American Jewish Experience

We are so proud of the work grantees have done so far. Feel free to peruse a collection of our highlights.