We believe that there are lots of people who could do Great Things for their communities and help solve important problems.

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We are in the business of providing support and encouragement to people, to help them turn their ideas into reality.

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2021 Beau Biden Scholarship Recipients

2021 Beau Biden Scholarship Recipients

The Beau Biden Scholarship

The scholarship honors college-bound high school seniors from Delaware “who embody the virtues of late Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who exhibit qualities of leadership, community, civility, respect, and a strong moral compass.”

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Meet Our Founders

Stuart and Suzanne Grant

Stuart Grant

Stuart Grant is an acclaimed attorney, entrepreneur, investor, sportsman, and philanthropist who has achieved notable success in numerous pursuits from jurisprudence to thoroughbred horse racing.

Suzanne Grant

Suzanne Grant is an accomplished business woman and philanthropist.  Over the past 35 years, Suzanne has held numerous investment-related positions in the investment world including at firms such as Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley and Jefferies & Company.