Jewish Federation of Delaware

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The Jewish Federation of Delaware is a multifaceted organization that supports a number of areas of the Jewish community as well as non-Jewish community throughout Delaware and the broader world.

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The Jewish Federation of North America

Helping to meet the needs of the Jewish Community in North America and abroad

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) currently represent 146 Jewish Federations across the United States.  Their Network communities consistently fundraise, allocate, and distribute more >$3 million annually to support social services, educational needs, and welfare programs.

The Federation collective is among the top 10 charities in North America, and its mission is to protect and enhance the livelihoods and well-beings of Jews through the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (charity and social justice), and Torah (Jewish learning).

The JFNA regularly lobbies in Washington, D.C. and has secured $10 billion in funds that are allocated to Jewish communities and their services.  The funds support agencies serving people of various backgrounds including medical facilities, nursing homes, community services, and family service agencies.

To read more about the JFNA and the causes they support, click here.

The Jewish Federation of Delaware

Addressing issues and meeting the needs of the Delaware Jewish Community

The Jewish Federation of Delaware is DE’s local state chapter dedicated to improving the lives of Jews in their community, in Israel, and over 70 other countries.  The Jewish Federation of Delaware is proud to support local programs that feed, shelter, and counsel individuals in Delaware and around the world.  With various opportunities to educate, motivate and recognize the joyfulness of a Jewish life—the federation believes “it’s our responsibility. It’s our privilege” to serve these communities.


To read more about the Jewish Federation of Delaware, click here.

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