2020 Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Recipient Receives Multiplying Good Award

2020 Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship Recipient Receives Multiplying Good Award

Jacqueline Means Awarded Outstanding Service by a Young American by Jefferson Awards

This week, 2020 Beau Biden Memorial Scholarship recipient and Miss Delaware’s Outstanding Teen Jacqueline Means was awarded the Multiplying Good Award for Outstanding Service by a Young American by Jefferson Awards.

The Multiplying Good Award is presented to individuals who “put others first [with] stories of extraordinary public service”.  The list of Jefferson Award recipients is vast, including hundreds of public and private national figures, and more than 63,000 “unsung heroes”, including the tens-of-thousands of young Americans doing good in their communities.

The Multiplying Good mission is to foster personal growth and leadership through community service and support.  Thousands of Delaware recipients each year are empowered and elevated through Multiplying Good’s training, service opportunities, and affiliation to a national award platform.  The organization states, “through our programs, people of all ages are discovering how they can positively impact the lives of those around them.  We unleash the potential in youth through service, leadership, and partner with organizations and corporations to recognize excellence in service”.

Multiplying Good Award: Outstanding Service to Young Women

Jacqueline Means was recognized for her outstanding service to young women and the Wilmington Community through the founding of the Wilmington Urban STEM initiative.  The initiative is designed to empower girls in her community and increase their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math through her education program and STEM activities.

Means regularly hosts Girls Empowerment STEM events where girls are introduced to STEM activities through experiments and motivational talks from prominent women within the STEM industry.  It is estimated that through Means’ Science Party programs and events, she has impacted over 2,000 girls from the Wilmington area—encouraging them to seek careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Jacqueline Means is a 2020 graduate of the Delaware Military Academy and attends the University of Delaware with a concentration in neuroscience.  We are proud to support her Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative, and recognize all of the Great Things she continues to accomplish.

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