Scholarships & Prizes

The I Could Do Great Things Foundation is not just interested in funding new Great Ideas.  We also want to recognize the Great Things that people are already doing – as well as reward outstanding achievement and potential.

Our Scholarship Fund does not provide general educational scholarships.  Rather, we pay tuition and sometimes related expenses for students in specific programs that we are interested in. Following is a summary of the current scholarship opportunity:

Please read about our past Scholarship recipients below:

Winners of Beau Biden Scholarship 2016

Winners of Beau Biden Scholarship 2017

Winner of Beau Biden Scholarship 2018

Winners of Beau Biden Scholarship 2019

Winners of Beau Biden Scholarship 2020

Our Prize Fund awards monetary prizes for outstanding achievement in specific areas.  These will be posted on this website as they become available.

Special Prizes for Great Ideas

From time to time we also recognize women, men and young people who have demonstrated outstanding creativity, persistence and achievement in the pursuit of their Great Idea.  We are looking for people who moved with determination beyond the idea stage and turned their idea into reality.  These people – and their projects – deserve recognition.  They are an inspiration for us all.

To submit a nomination for these special awards, please send us a letter that answers the following questions:

  • What is the Great Idea and what impact has the project had on the lives of others?  How has that impact been measured?
  • Who created the project, how long did it take and what obstacles had to be overcome?
  • Who has supported the project (through funding and/or volunteer effort)?
  • Why are this project and its creator deserving of special recognition?

Please include two additional letters of support for this prize nomination.

Letters can be sent by mail or e-mail to:
PO Box 4406, Greenville, Delaware 19807